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Paul McCartney – Off the Ground (1993)

History: Paul recorded this album with his touring band, largely recording all the tracks together at once to get a degree of a live feel. Some songs were rejects from Flowers in the Dirt including two he wrote with Elvis Costello, though Costello himself did not record with them this time. My own personal history […]

Ringo Starr – Time Takes Time (1992)

History: Ringo started working with a few different producers on tracks to see who he might want to record his next album with, but in the end he decided to keep all of them to put the best songs together on one album. Perhaps most interesting is that these sessions included one song he co-wrote […]

Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra – Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Oratorio (1991)

History: For the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra’s 150th anniversary, they reached out to Paul to see if he would be interested in writing a piece for them to perform. Since Paul is not classically trained in music, he collaborated with Carl Davis, a classical composer and conductor. They took elements from Paul’s life to start […]