Ringo Starr – Postcards from Paradise (2015)

History: Ringo produced this album himself, once again working with his frequent cowriters like Dave Stewart, Joe Walsh, Gary Nicholson, and Richard Marx on some of the tracks. This album also features the first time all members of the All-Starr Band wrote and recorded a song with him.

My own personal history and initial prediction: I keep confusing this title with Postcards from the Boys. Let’s be honest, at this point, I’m not really looking forward to this that much, or the fact that I have far more Ringo left on my list than I do Paul at this point.

Review: Unfortunately the word I kept coming back to over and over again in my notes was “bland.” This isn’t a terrible album, and I wouldn’t call it difficult to listen to, there’s just nothing about it that jumps out as catchy or too terribly interesting. Pretty much all of the songs are what I would call fine.

Bruce Sugar, the main engineer on the album, has a pretty good talent for synth. I noticed his sitar synth on “You Bring the Party Down” and his clavichord on “Bamboula.” There’s other places here and there where it all balances well and it’s a good mix. It’s just that once again the music is just okay and the lyrics range from weak to typical. To be fair, Ringo did play right into my hands with “Bamboula” with it being a tribute to New Orleans. He got the feel of the music just perfect there. He even pronounces the name of the city correctly!

But beyond that I can’t say I was as entertained. “Rory and the Hurricanes” is obviously another look back at his past, but it didn’t really speak to me the way some of the others had. “Postcards from Paradise” might as well be “Postcards from the Boys,” seeing as how the lyrics are made up almost entirely of Beatles song titles. Technically there are also some of his solo hits mentioned. But it’s obvious that the point of it was to try to fit as many titles as possible into one, and so it really makes the song lose any meaning he was trying to convey when you’re just sitting there playing Where’s Waldo with words.

I’m really trying my best here, but at this point it’s getting really hard to look forward to Ringo albums.

Next Time: Ringo again with Give More Love.


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