Ringo Starr – Change the World (2021)

History: Once again the details on this EP aren’t well documented, but Ringo worked with producer Bruce Sugar on this one as he did on the last one, and it features a song by artist/writer/producer Linda Perry.

My own personal history and initial prediction: I watched a couple promo clips and interviews Ringo did when this one came out, and I think I listened to “Let’s Change the World” and his cover of “Rock Around the Clock.” I’m now most interested in hearing that Linda Perry collaboration with Trombone Shorty appearing on it.

Review: Well that was an insanely fast listen. At 13 minutes, I feel like you could call these singles more than EPs, as I know I bought some CD singles back in the 90s that had four tracks on them. I’m not really complaining though, short and sweet isn’t a bad thing. Though I can’t help but notice enough similarities between this EP and the last that you could probably combine them into one.

“Let’s Change the World” is very similar to “Zoom In Zoom Out” and “Not Enough Love in the World” in that it’s talking about peace and love, yet Ringo didn’t write it himself. It once again suits him really well though, and is strong enough to be a single even if it wouldn’t be a chart topper. I also have to really say I love that Ringo has been using female backing vocalists on most of his recent recordings, I do think it works really well for his style.

“Just That Way” is another reggae song, giving me the strong impression of what Ringo was probably listening to in his free time between recordings. “Coming Undone” is frankly made by Trombone Shorty’s appearance. Without him it would be a fairly bland country song with just okay lyrics, but with him you get some fantastic New Orleans style horn solos that make it a fun listen.

It ends with “Rock Around the Clock,” and I think someone would have to try really hard to mess that song up. It’s such a fun high energy number. Ringo for his part does a great job with it, you can tell it’s a song he truly loves and wants to do justice. It may not be the best version I’ve ever heard but it’s definitely one worth listening to.

Next Time: Ringo releases the third of these, EP3.


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