The Fireman – Electric Arguments (2008)

History: This time around Paul decided to add vocals to the songs to make the release a bit different than the previous works. Each song was recorded over the course of one day, though not one after the other. The two musicians would work on the songs periodically over the course of a year. My […]

Ringo Starr – Liverpool 8 (2008)

History: Ringo began work on an album with his recent songwriting team including Mark Hudson, but Hudson abruptly left to take a job as musical director on a reality TV show, The One: Making a Music Star. Ringo felt so betrayed by this departure that he vowed to never work with Hudson again. Instead Dave […]

Paul McCartney – Memory Almost Full (2007)

History: Recording of most of the tracks on the album occurred before recording Chaos and Creation in the Backyard. When that album was finished Paul returned to these songs, and finding that he still liked most of them tweaked them here and there along with recording a few new songs to complete it. This was […]

Paul McCartney – Ecce Cor Meum (2006)

History: Work on this piece began before Linda’s death when Anthony Smith asked Paul to compose something for a new auditorium being built at Magdalen College. Her death sadly meant that the piece could not be used for that purpose, but in time Paul finished the piece and it was initially performed in 2001, with […]

Paul McCartney – Chaos and Creation in the Backyard (2005)

History: At the suggestion of George Martin, Paul began to work with Nigel Godrich, best known for his work with Beck and Radiohead, to do an album. The sessions began with the full band but Godrich requested that he and Paul work alone, and they ended up employing a very collaborative process between the two […]

Ringo Starr – Choose Love (2005)

History: Ringo continued working with his same songwriting team as the last few albums, and called in friends Billy Preston and Chrissie Hynde to work on some of the tracks. My own personal history and initial prediction: I don’t see any familiar named tracks here, but I’m glad Ringo seems to have finally found a […]

Twin Freaks – Twin Freaks (2005)

History: Roy Kerr, using the alias Freelance Hellraiser, gained popularity in 2001 with his mashup song “A Stroke of Genius” combining Christina Aguilera and The Strokes. In 2004, he and Paul worked together to create mashups and remixes of some of Paul’s songs, and these were played as an opener before Paul’s concerts. Afterward they […]

Ringo Starr – Ringo Rama (2003)

History: Ringo once again changed record labels after feeling Mercury had let him down. He signed with independent label Koch and made another record with Mark Hudson and Dean Grakal, calling in famous friends like Eric Clapton, Willie Nelson, and David Gilmour this time around. He also got permission from Paul to use a bit […]

George Harrison – Brainwashed (2002)

History: While George was writing songs as soon as during post production of Cloud Nine, various circumstances kept him from recording a full album. When he was attacked in his home in 1999 he spoke with his son Dhani about his eventual plans for an album, and in 2001 when it began to become clear […]

Paul McCartney – Driving Rain (2001)

History: Paul once again employed a similar live performance feel of production for this album, with all the bandmates largely recording together over the course of two weeks. The exception was the track “Freedom,” which was recorded shortly after The Concert for New York City post 9/11. It was such a last minute addition to […]


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