Paul McCartney – Off the Ground (1993)

History: Paul recorded this album with his touring band, largely recording all the tracks together at once to get a degree of a live feel. Some songs were rejects from Flowers in the Dirt including two he wrote with Elvis Costello, though Costello himself did not record with them this time. My own personal history […]

Paul McCartney – Press to Play (1986)

History: After Give My Regards to Broad Street proved to largely be a commercial failure, Paul turned to producer Hugh Padgham to help give him a more contemporary sound. Padgham had worked with bands like XTC, The Police, and Genesis and helped give the album his signature sound. Paul also cowrote many of the songs […]

Paul McCartney – Tug of War (1982)

History: Paul started production of a new album in the summer of 1980, initially with members of Wings but then alone once they decided to part ways. He also decided to call in George Martin to help produce the album. On December 9th, Paul and George mutually agreed to take a break after hearing of […]

Paul McCartney – McCartney II (1980)

History: Wings’ world tour was brought to an abrupt end when Paul was arrested for marijuana possession in Japan and spent 9 days in jail. After that time Paul returned back home to his farm in Scotland and began playing around again in his home studio. Linda provided some backing vocals but otherwise this was […]

Wings – Back to the Egg (1979)

History: Wings recruited Laurence Juber and Steve Holley to join them for what would end up being their last album. The album was a light concept album, with the story of a band that has returned to touring once again. Nearly all the songs were written by Paul this time around, with just one exception. […]