Ringo Starr – EP3 (2022)

History: Another EP from Ringo once again working with Bruce Sugar and Linda Perry. My own personal history and initial prediction: With this one coming out so late in the year, I purposefully didn’t listen to it so that I could hear it in its proper order. I imagine this will be another short and […]

Ringo Starr – Change the World (2021)

History: Once again the details on this EP aren’t well documented, but Ringo worked with producer Bruce Sugar on this one as he did on the last one, and it features a song by artist/writer/producer Linda Perry. My own personal history and initial prediction: I watched a couple promo clips and interviews Ringo did when […]

Ringo Starr – Zoom In (2021)

History: The Wikipedia page for this EP is pretty scant, but the liner notes seem to feature a pretty wide range of session musicians as well as some famous friends providing backing vocals. It was recorded in 2020 but I don’t know if that means everyone was recording their parts at home or if they […]

Ringo Starr – What’s My Name (2019)

History: Ringo recorded what he decided would most likely be his last full length album at his home studio along with frequent collaborators Joe Walsh, Paul, Dave Stewart, and more. He made the decision to cover John’s “Grow Old With Me” after being given copies of the original recordings by producer Jack Douglas. My own […]

Ringo Starr – Give More Love (2017)

History: While Ringo originally wanted to do a country album in Nashville, he ended up recording a mix of rock and country at his home in LA. instead. Many of his frequent collaborators return to help him write songs, and Paul makes an appearance playing bass and doing backing vocals. Peter Frampton is a new […]

Ringo Starr – Postcards from Paradise (2015)

History: Ringo produced this album himself, once again working with his frequent cowriters like Dave Stewart, Joe Walsh, Gary Nicholson, and Richard Marx on some of the tracks. This album also features the first time all members of the All-Starr Band wrote and recorded a song with him. My own personal history and initial prediction: […]

Ringo Starr – Ringo 2012 (2012)

History: This Ringo album features new versions of two songs that have been on previous albums, as well as a Buddy Holly cover that was featured on a Buddy Holly tribute album before this. It’s also only 30 minutes long. My own personal history and initial prediction: Between the items I mention above and that […]

Ringo Starr – Liverpool 8 (2008)

History: Ringo began work on an album with his recent songwriting team including Mark Hudson, but Hudson abruptly left to take a job as musical director on a reality TV show, The One: Making a Music Star. Ringo felt so betrayed by this departure that he vowed to never work with Hudson again. Instead Dave […]

Ringo Starr – Choose Love (2005)

History: Ringo continued working with his same songwriting team as the last few albums, and called in friends Billy Preston and Chrissie Hynde to work on some of the tracks. My own personal history and initial prediction: I don’t see any familiar named tracks here, but I’m glad Ringo seems to have finally found a […]

Twin Freaks – Twin Freaks (2005)

History: Roy Kerr, using the alias Freelance Hellraiser, gained popularity in 2001 with his mashup song “A Stroke of Genius” combining Christina Aguilera and The Strokes. In 2004, he and Paul worked together to create mashups and remixes of some of Paul’s songs, and these were played as an opener before Paul’s concerts. Afterward they […]